Veganism is Sweeping the City, Says the The Moscow Times

Russian capital has seen an increase in vegan options, restaurants, and markets.


Vegan joints have been sprouting up around Moscow in recent years, and The Moscow Times took notice. New vegan options in the city include a vegan market, juice cafés, a pan-Asian restaurant’s latest vegan eatery, a raw-food restaurant, and a Canadian vegan eatery’s expansion to three locations. Some shop owners say the “ecological and healthy living movement” started four years ago and has the internet to thank for spreading the word. According to The Moscow Times, “The real sign that veganism is taking hold is the opening of vegan cafés even on the outskirts of the Russian capital.” Café owners report that they can keep their prices low by purchasing vegetables from local farmers, making the average dish at some vegan spots as low as $2.

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