We’d Love These 10 Celebs Even More if They Went Vegan

We’re looking at you, Jay-Z, Tracee Ellis Ross, Big Freedia, and Dave Grohl.

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If you ask us, everyone should be vegan. However, writing a story about why every living person on the planet should give up animal products might make for too long of a read. To remedy this problem, we’re highlighting 10 celebrities who we’d love even more if only they’d ditch the meat and dairy.

1. Jay-Z
Imagine what the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” (we don’t totally disagree with that statement, by the way) could do for veganism if he ditched animal products. As an ultra-successful musician and businessperson, Jigga’s ability to take veganism into the mainstream would be unparalleled. Besides, he’s flirted with a plant-based diet before, so, HOV, if you’re reading this—go vegan already.

2. Gal Gadot
If you ask us, our idea of a wonder woman is someone who doesn’t eat, wear, and/or exploit animals. Plus, transitioning to a cruelty-free life would make for a great plot twist for a Justice League flick. We can see it now: Wonder Woman kicks all sort of meat-eating behinds to save innocent animals from death. Now that’s a movie we wouldn’t get us to complain about a $15 ticket price.

3. LaVar Ball
Before his son Lonzo was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, LaVar Ball gave many interviews saying how his son would be drafted by the 16-time NBA champions. The Ball patriarch explained his technique as “speaking it into existence.” And guess what happened? Lonzo was drafted by the Lakers. With this sort of success rate, we’re wondering if LaVar could get himself, his family, and the world to go vegan by adopting a plant-based diet. If he needs more evidence as to why this should happen, we’re more than happy to remind him that veganism is all the rage in professional sports right now.

4. Hollie Cook
When your dad’s a founding member of the Sex Pistols and your godfather is Boy George, you’re probably going to have a rebellious streak in you. And, as every vegan knows, nothing gives the middle finger to the establishment like eschewing animal products, which is one more reason why we want British singer/songwriter Hollie Cook to go vegan. Another reason? Her music is amazingly cool, and vegans are also pretty awesome. One more reason? Whenever we hear her song “Milk & Honey,” we figure she means almond milk and apple-based honey.

5. Dave Grohl
Perhaps you’ve heard of Dave Grohl. He’s the guy who played drums in Nirvana (well, one of the guys who played drums in Nirvana). He’s also the singer/guitarist in Foo Fighters. But if he wants the trifecta of awesomeness, he’s going to have to go vegan. That said, a Grohl vegan conversion kind of makes us worried because he’s one of the hardest-hitting drummers ever, and can you imagine what he could do to a rack tom with all that added energy from a cruelty-free diet? We’re already lamenting the pain those Tamas will feel.

6. Meghan Markle
We’re not going to lie—we don’t know what Meghan Markle’s official title will be once she marries Prince Harry. Because of this, we figure “The Most High-Profile Vegan on the Planet” has a nice ring to it. And, according to some reports, she’s more than halfway there. Meghan, if you decide to take our advice, we’re more than willing to attend the ceremony … to, you know, make sure everything is definitely vegan.

7. Howard Stern
Consider this: if The King of All Media went vegan, we could start yelling “Baba Booey” at veg fests without everyone giving us funny looks. Plus, Robin Quivers credits a plant-based diet for saving her life, while Stern and his wife Beth Ostrosky Stern have reportedly fostered and found homes for 75 cats. And once you start fostering cats, veganism is right around the corner. PS F Jackie.

8. Big Freedia
You know what veganism needs right now? Some fun. And you know who’s fun? Big Freedia. The Queen Diva—a New Orleans-based rapper and television star—gets people moving thanks to songs such as “Explode,” “Y’all Get Back Now,” and “Duffy,” but we’d love to see her get people moving toward a cruelty-free diet.

9. Iggy Pop
We never thought we could love the Godfather of Punk more than we already do. The man helped create the greatest rock ‘n’ roll album of all time (Fun House), for crying out loud. Still, if Iggy went vegan, we just might start a petition to make him king of the world. Even better? We all know Iggy’s never going to die, which means he has, literally, an eternity to promote animal welfare.

10. Tracee Ellis Ross
Since you asked, here’s our problem with actress Tracee Ellis Ross: as professional vegans, we can’t publicly (or privately) admit that our celebrity crush isn’t plant-based. And we really want Tracee Ellis Ross to be our celebrity crush. So, Tracee, please, go vegan because we so badly want to hang your posters on our walls.

Ryan Ritchie is the VegNews.com Features Editor who would like to throw a vegan feast for all of the people mentioned in this story.

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