World’s First Perfume Body Art Is Vegan

Paint-on fragrances from Amkiri let you wear art and perfume at the same time without hurting animals.

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New concept Amkiri recently launched as the world’s first “visual fragrance.” Created by Israel-based entrepreneur Shoval Shavit Shapiro and her chemist mother, the line features a vegan scented ink that customers can apply with more than 95 printed stencils (such as roses, flamingos, hearts, and geometric shapes) or a Freehand Wand to create designs on any part of the body. The unisex scent is a fusion of spearmint, ginger, and juniper berries with a hint of musk and cedar wood. “There’s no better way to express your individuality than by using your body as your most personal piece of art,” Shapiro told Vogue. “We want to empower individuals with this multi-sensory form of self-expression.”

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