London-based Citizen Kind recently launched as the world’s first all-vegan staffing agency. Emma Osborne—a 12-year recruiting executive—founded the company with a mission of connecting ethically minded businesses looking to fill open positions and vegans looking for work. In 2017, Osborne traveled around the world and realized that she no longer wanted to participate in staffing businesses that did not share her values. “Being vegan is still considered an extreme choice even now, and so I wanted to help normalize a compassionate lifestyle by opening up opportunities in sustainable companies to those consciously reducing their impact on the planet,” Osborne said. Citizen Kind is currently finding careers for vegans in tech startups, investment firms, e-commerce firms, nonprofits, and vegan food brands in the United Kingdom. The company plans to expand its business operations in 2020 to include Asia, Europe, and the United States.

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