Zagat Raves About Dallas’ New Vegan Spot

V-Eats in Dallas gets rave reviews from top food critic.


Food critique publication Zagat visited newly opened vegan restaurant V-Eats Modern Vegan in Dallas, TX last week. Zagat writer Steven Lindsey explained that the eatery’s chef, Tony Gardner, closed his eatery Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs in favor of the all-vegan restaurant, as the plant-based options at Samson’s outsold other menu items. At V-Eats, Lindsey said that “Gardner pushes the boundaries of technique and presentation to fool even the most ardent of carnivores with satisfying results that taste totally legit.” V-Eats opened last month in Trinity Groves to some pushback from Texans on social media who claimed that the restaurant’s vegan brisket was an abomination to the meat-centric state’s cuisine. Lindsey, however, says “It even looks pretty close to real beef.” Lindsey sampled a variety of dishes including the Bar-V-Q Sandwich (which features the brisket, a seitan-based “smoky meat substitute”), vegan salmon sushi, and peanut butter-banana-dark chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Hosts of news segment Good Morning Texas paid their own visit to the vegan hot spot last month to hash out the vegan brisket debate.

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