Avocado-Banana Vegan Ice Cream Debuts in Stores

Nana Nice Cream swaps dairy for a base made from a combination of avocado and banana.

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The Dairy-Free Nana Nice Cream Co. recently launched its vegan ice cream line across the United Kingdom. London-based blogger, chef, and owner Margie Broadhead started the company after she removed dairy from her diet but wanted to indulge in a healthy ice cream. After testing her recipes on friends and clients, Broadhead developed the ice cream with both mashed banana and avocado as a base, offering three three flavors—Strawbana, Banilla, and Choconana. The company’s mission statement reveals that Broadhead is passionate about creating “food that is both nutritious and delicious, with a dairy and gluten-free emphasis, and little or no refined sugar.” The introduction of new dairy-free ice cream lines by major companies such as Ben & Jerry’s and Blue Bunny, and the endless selection of ice cream by vegan companies such as Coconut Bliss, So Delicious, and NadaMoo are proof that the dairy alternative market is growing.

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