Futuristic Plant-Based Eatery to Expand to Manhattan

“No-Human” West Coast restaurant Eatsa brings its customizable bowls to NYC.


San Francisco-based futuristic concept restaurant Eatsa will open in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan this fall. The vegetarian restaurant features fully customizable quinoa and salad bowls with more than 40 add-on ingredients, including a variety of vegan options such as miso marinated portabello mushrooms, curried parsnips, chipotle black beans, chimichurri sauce, and more. The unique ordering process relies on iPads that allow customers to input their orders before proceeding to an LCD screen where their names and orders appear once their food is ready. Eatsa has proven successful with two locations in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles. The affordable chain aims to make nutritious food more accessible, stating that, “Via automation with our unique technology, we can provide better food, faster, and at an unprecedented price of just $6.95.”

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