There are many reasons why millions flood to San Francisco every year. The northern California city isn’t short on beautiful views, interesting museums, thriving nightlife, or great theater. But one of the biggest reasons why people love the home of the Golden Gate Bridge has to be the city’s food scene.

Over the past few years, San Francisco has evolved into quite the foodie haven and it has an abundance of plant-based fare on offer. 

11 must-try vegan restaurants in San Francisco

If you’re heading to San Francisco anytime soon, here are some of our top vegan restaurant picks, from Italian to sushi to raw. Honestly, good luck deciding. You’re going to need it.


1 Wildseed

Founded by renowned San Francisco restaurateur Adriano Paganini, Wildseed specializes in top-quality, seasonal plant-based food. Every dish is led by California’s fresh ingredients but inspired by different cuisines from around the world. Right now, for example, you can grab a fragrant spicy yellow curry, made with an array of vegetables and spices, including turmeric, summer squash, eggplant, and Thai basil. And on the side, you can enjoy a taste of Belgium by sharing a portion of Belga Fries, complete with not one, but two types of aioli and curry ketchup.

VegNews.vegansanfrancisco.mrchaliresMr. Charlie’s/Instagram

2 Mr. Charlie’s

If you really love the taste of McDonald’s but you’d rather not sacrifice any animals for your burger, then you need to try one of Mr.Charlie’s Frowny Meals. The meal includes your choice of sandwich (such as the Not a Cheeseburger, Mr. Chuck, Double Not, Not a Hamburger, or Not a Chicken Sandwich,) plus plant-based nuggets, and, of course, fries and a drink.

VegNews.veganfoodsanfrancisco.radradishRad Radish/Instagram

3 Rad Radish

Whether you fancy a plate of spicy pasta, a carb-heavy pizza, or a fresh bowl of leafy green salad, Rad Radish on Hayes Street has the meal for you, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. Think of its specialty as comfort food with a healthy, fresh, locally sourced, seasonal twist.


4 Shizen

Traditionally, sushi is made with fish and seafood, like squid, salmon, tuna, and eel. But as this vegan restaurant proves, animal products aren’t necessary for making deliciously addictive sushi. Shizen’s menu includes everything from asparagus nigiri to California rolls made with shredded tofu and avocado. But that’s not all. Its plant-based versions of ramen, miso soup, yuba salad, and specialty rolls—like Open Invitation featuring pumpkin tempura and Foxy Scarlet with sweet potato purée—are all must-tries, and the Michelin Guide agrees. “Purists and die-hard carnivores may scoff,” the Michelin Guide notes, “but the food [at Shizen] is exceptional, skillfully manipulating vegetables and starches to recreate seafood-centric Japanese favorites.”

VegNews.veganfoodsanfrancisco.goldeneraveganGolden Era Vegan/Instagram

5 Golden Era Vegan

Since the late 1990s, Golden Era Vegan has been supplying downtown San Francisco with delicious, plant-based dishes inspired by many countries in Asia, including Vietnam, India, China, and Thailand. Sample a little bit of everything by combining flavorful pho with spicy Thai fried rice, egg-less rolls, and curry wraps. You won’t leave with an empty stomach, that is guaranteed.

VegNews.veganfoodsanfrancisco.nourishcafeNourish Cafe/Instagram

6 Nourish Cafe

If you’re craving some plant-based nourishment, then Nourish Cafe is the spot for you (the clue is in the name really). Expect to find a rich and diverse menu filled with whole food, organic ingredients, like quinoa, marinated tofu, housemade “tuna,” and all the veggies under the sun. If you just want to stop by for a smoothie, then great news: there is an extensive menu ready and waiting (Baobab Banana Berry is not to be missed).



If you’ve been unsure about raw vegan food in the past, then let Judalicious’ fresh and flavorful menu convince you that it is 100 percent worth your time and your tastebuds. The Dark Side of the Shroom, for example, which features a portabella mushroom loaded with zucchini, kale, cauliflower, cashew creme, and more, proves that raw is far from boring. But that said, if you would really prefer something cooked, then Judahlicious also offers an extensive hot menu. Pro tip: the house chili with toasted ciabatta is particularly satisfying.
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cheesy pastaBeach’n SF

8 Beach’n SF

If you’re in the mood for some housemade comfort classics, Beach’n is the San Francisco eatery for you. The menu is packed with hearty delights like the signature Beach’n Crunch Wrap, the Chicken Sandwich featuring Tindle chicken, and Buffalo Mac’n CheeZen. If you’re just in the mood for a relaxing beverage, the spot is also complete with a coffee bar, too.
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indochine vegan foodIndoChine

9 IndoChine

This vegan Korean spot has been supplying the city with delicious vegan Korean food for three years now, and it’s showing no sign of letting up. Fresh spring rolls, fried wontons, cabbage pot stickers, spicy noodles, and vegan caterpillar sushi rolls are just a few of the tasty dishes on offer. We say go with pals and order a feast.
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vegan cheeseburgerNext Level Burger

10 Next Level Burger

Got a craving for fast food? Next Level Burger is here for you. The plant-based chain offers its usual menu at its San Francisco outpost, including the American Chzburger, Crispy Chik’n, and an Organic Cookies n’ Cream shake.
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Casa Borinqueña.Casa Borinqueña

11 Saluhall

Located next to downtown San Francisco’s Ikea, this plant-forward food hall in the heart of the city is definitely worth a visit if you’re on the hunt for delicious vegan eats. While Saluhall isn’t entirely vegan, all of its eateries offer plant-based options. A number of vendors are even exclusively vegan, including Puerto Rican restaurant Casa Borinquena; La Venganza, which churns out award-winning Mexican fare; plant-based burger joint Burgare Bar; and dairy-free soft serve spot Snöberg. Our mouths are watering already.
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