Sabra Launches Program to Feed Food Deserts

Sabra Launches Program to Feed Food Deserts

Hummus company launches “Plants with a Purpose” program to bring fresh produce to areas in need.

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Sabra Dipping Company—known for its hummus—recently launched the “Plants with a Purpose” pilot program in Richmond, VA with the mission of alleviating food deserts (areas where access to nutritious food is limited). “We are uniquely positioned to help address this very real and sometimes surprising challenge facing communities across the country, where access to affordable fast food far outpaces or entirely overtakes access to quality, affordable fruit and vegetables,” Sabra CEO Shali Shalit-Shoval said. Sabra’s goals are to actively increase awareness about the issue of food deserts through community engagement and partnerships with pertinent non-governmental organizations, as well as to provide peer-driven nutritional and culinary workshops to affected populations. The company plans to expand the program and mold it to the unique needs of communities nationwide. “This is a long-term commitment to make an impact and drive positive change,” Shalit-Shoval said. Sabra is a brand under PepsiCo., which recently shifted its focus toward its healthier holdings due to falling sales of soda.

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