Vegan Butcher Named Top New Job in 2017

Vegan Butcher Named Top New Job in 2017

Time magazine calls out vegan butchers as one of seven new concept jobs that will define the new year.


A recent feature in Time Money highlighted vegan butchers as one of seven “new jobs that reflect what’s important in 2017.” Just as coal miners did during the Industrial Revolution, writer Kristen Bahler argues that vegan butchers have the potential to radically change history thanks to innovation and massive potential for addressing sustainability. Ethan Brown—CEO of vegan company Beyond Meat—is featured as a figurehead in the field of plant-based protein, thanks to his company’s launch of the “bleeding” vegan Beyond Burger, stocked in the meat section of Whole Foods Markets around the nation. Bahler also highlights the success of Impossible Foods’ own “bleeding” Impossible Burger and says that both companies are bound to have a profoundly positive environmental impact. “Research shows that livestock is one of the worst contributors to greenhouse gases,” Bahler states, adding, “a convincing replacement gives scientists a fighting chance at curbing climate change.”

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