Vegan Impossible Burger to Debut in Asia Next Year

Food technology company Impossible Foods aims to reduce the growing demand for beef in Asia with its innovative burger.


Vegan company Impossible Foods announced last week the intent to launch its flagship product, the Impossible Burger, in Asia in 2018. “We’ve always known that our mission is global,” Impossible Foods COO David Lee told Fortune. “We’re increasingly becoming aware that the demand for the Impossible Burger here in the United States pales in comparison to the amount of demand across the world.” The company launched the Impossible Burger in 2016 at New York City restaurant Momofuku and plans to take a similar approach in Asia, partnering with “tastemakers” to help it understand how best to expand across the continent. “Asia is an important milestone,” Lee said, “but frankly it’s only the beginning of our global expansion.” Impossible Foods expanded to a larger production facility in Oakland, CA this year with the goal of increasing to 1,000 points of distribution by the end of the year and replacing all animals in agriculture—including seafood—by 2035.

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