NYC Designer Launches Veggie Burger Bling Ring

Nadine Goshen’s $7,000 diamond-, ruby-, and sapphire-studded stackable ring is dedicated to her vegetarian sister.


New York City-based jewelry designer Nadine Goshn recently created the Veggie Burger Ring. The ring—which retails for $6,850—is comprised of six stackable, 18-karat rose gold rings made to look like a veggie burger with a top bun studded with diamonds and outlined with “ketchup” ruby details, an onion layer decked-out with princess cut purple diamonds, a lettuce layer featuring tsavorite garnets, and a bottom bun surrounded by yellow sapphires to evoke mustard. “My collections are inspired by my surroundings, as well as the people closest to me,” Goshn tells VegNews. Goshn was inspired to create the meatless (and, according to her, gluten-free) burger as a tribute to her younger sister who follows a vegetarian and gluten-free diet. “As a designer, I try to make sure to respect things in our day and age that accurately capture a moment in time. We live in a vegetarian, vegan, and wellness era—which the burger accurately embodies.”

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