Nutritionist Marco Borges announced this week new movement The Greenprint with the mission of raising awareness about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle through four initiatives. In 2015, Borges co-founded plant-based meal delivery program 22 Days Nutrition with musician Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z—which the singers have since promoted to millions of fans. The new initiative features web-based digital tool “The Greenprint Project” that illustrates the positive environmental impact of choosing plant-based meals and engages users with an opportunity to win free lifetime tickets to Beyoncé and Jay-Z concerts. Borges’ new book, The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World, features a forward by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and will be published on December 31 as a print resource to plant-based living with meal plans, success stories, advice, and 60 recipes that encourage readers to eschew animal products. Borges partnered with production studio 51 Mind Entertainment and Jay-Z to executively produce documentary The Greenprint—slated for release next fall—which features clinicians, celebrities, musicians, and athletes—to address accessibility issues to plant-based food in underserved communities. As part of The Greenprint movement, Borges enlisted the Holy Name Medical Center in New Jersey to conduct clinical trials on 200 participants split into two groups, vegan and vegetarian. The groups were monitored over a 22-day period and researchers found that the health benefits experienced by the vegan group far outweighed those in the vegetarian group, including a 400-percent reduction in cholesterol levels. “Each of us has the ability to change our lives, the lives of our families, the health of our communities, and the condition of our world by making one powerful and basic choice—deciding what is on the tip of our forks,” Borges said. “Let’s define our own destiny.  Let’s create our own Greenprint.”

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