Sainsbury’s Pulls Off Plant-Based “Sausage Sting” at Soccer Game

The UK-based grocery chain gave away free meatless burgers and hot dogs, and soccer fans failed to notice they weren’t meat. 


United Kingdom-based grocery chain Sainsbury’s pulled off a “sausage sting” outside of a recent Premier League soccer game in London, UK. To promote its new line of vegan meats, Sainsbury parked a food truck at the game and gave away free burgers and hot dogs—but attendees were not told the meat was plant-based. “Five years ago, things were really different,” Shaun Berry, who tried a meatless burger, told media outlet Independent. “There are alternatives for everyone and I’m all for it, to be honest.” Sainsbury’s recently announced a surge in the sales of its line of meatless products, which includes sausages, burgers, ground meat, and meatballs. In June, the chain also added vegan ground beef that “bleeds”—made by Danish brand Naturli Foods—to its meat department in 400 stores across the UK to encourage customers to make their own vegan burgers at home.

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