Starting November 5, London-based bar Long Arm Pub will add a trendy beverage to its menu in honor of World Vegan Month. The pub will serve a specialty vegan stout infused with avocado in its second fermentation stage directly from a 500-liter (132-gallon) tank. A representative of the pub describes the new vegan beer, offered for £5.50 ($7.14) per pint, as a dark malt “combined with a subtle creamy avocado flavor and aroma,” featuring a chocolate brown hue. The pub offers a large selection of vegan food to pair with its avocado stout, including a shareable Vegan Platter that features four vegan sliders, Kentucky Fried Cauliflower, vegan nuggets, and chips and salsa. Despite recent rumors that avocados are not vegan spread by Great British Bake-Off co-host Sandy Toksvig, the green fruit has become a popular addition to a number of vegan treats. Earlier this year, London-based luxury gelato bar Snowflake debuted “Avolato”—an avocado-based gelato served in an avocado shell with an edible pit made from peanut butter, flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, and soy milk.

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