Vegan Avocado-Shaped Gelato Now Available in NYC

Vegan Avocado-Shaped Gelato Now Available in NYC

New York’s Polosud now serves an avocado-based frozen dessert, stuffed inside of an avocado shell, and topped with award-winning vegan chocolate gelato.


Vegan avocado-based (and shaped) gelato is now available at eatery Polosud Gelato, Coffee, Pastries in New York City. Pastry chef Giacomo D’Alessandro developed the avocado base using a blend of fresh avocados, water, sugar, lemon, and cinnamon which is scooped into an avocado shell and topped with a “pit” made from gelato. “The consumption of avocado has never been higher and a growing number of customers asked to add avocado to the gelato flavors,” While non-vegan topping options are available, the vegan option features a special treat—a scoop of chef D’Alessandro’s Dark Chocolate Surprise gelato which was crowned the winner of this year’s Gelato Festival America in August. Earlier this year, London-based gelato bar Snowflake debuted a similar creation—an all-vegan avocado-shaped frozen treat made with 60-percent Hass avocado, an edible pit made with peanut butter, flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, and soy milk.  

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