Over the years, we’ve tried thousands of phenomenal vegan desserts, so when the challenge of making the ultimate dessert bucket list arose, we were all in. VegNews’ editors searched from coast to coast for the crème de la crème, so forget the main course and get ready to skip straight to dessert.

VegNews.MagPiesMagpies Softserve

1. Fried Softserve Pie from Magpies Softserve

Los Angeles, CA
Magpies Softserve is making magic happen with its rotating selection of frozen dessert pies. Soft-serve in flavors like ube, brown sugar-banana, and roasted strawberry are layered into a pie crust with flavored whipped creams, crumbles, sprinkles, and mix-ins. Take it from us, though, and go for the Fried Softserve Pie with corn-almond soft-serve, fried candied cornflakes, and chocolate fudge.
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VegNews.MissVeganMiss Vegan

2. Cannolis from Miss Vegan

Providence, RI
Pop-up bakery Miss Vegan is rolling, frying, and filling these crunchy pastries with sweet, creamy cheese in a variety of creative, mouth-watering flavors. Choose between traditional vanilla and must-trys like brownie batter, pumpkin spice, peanut butter cup, and peppermint bark.
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VegNews.ValhallaBakeryValhalla Bakery

3. Death Bar from Valhalla Bakery

Orlando, FL
Why do we love bars so much? Simple. They’re the best of all our favorite desserts—brownies, pies, and cookies—all in one. That’s why Floridians can’t get enough of this woman-owned bakery’s Death Bar, with a thick layer of peanut butter crunch filling on a brownie base topped with candied Oreos, chocolate chips, and fudgy ganache: it’s to die for.
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VegNews.PlantMiamiPlant Miami

4. Passionfruit Flan from Plant Miami

Miami, FL
At Miami’s chic vegan hot spot, Plant Miami, order dessert first and make it this elegant and tropical version of this silky, caramelly Spanish-French flan, topped with fragrant elderberry syrup glaze, fresh-scooped passion fruit, and toasted macadamia gelato.
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VegNews.LArtisaneBakeryL’Artisane Creative Bakery

5. Croissants from L’Artisane Creative Bakery

Miami Beach, FL
Endless buttery, flaky, melt-in-your mouth layers of pastry make each and every one of L’Artisane’s croissants—in flavors like cookies and cream, red velvet, and apple pie—an impeccable work of art.
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VegNews.VeggieGalaxyVeggie Galaxy

6. Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie from Veggie Galaxy

Boston, MA
Historically, everything about lemon meringue pie is not vegan but that’s not a problem for Veggie Galaxy and its award-winning take on the diner classic with billowy swirls of egg-free meringue atop a tart and tangy lemon-passion fruit curd filling.
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VegNews.BlackTapBlack Tap

7. Vegan Black ‘N White CakeShake from Black Tap

New York City, NY
A nod to New York’s famous black and white cookie, this mind-blowing dessert starts with a chocolate shake with housemade vanilla frosting and mini chocolate chips on the rim. Then it’s crowned with a huge slice of black and white cake, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Talk about having your shake and eating it, too!
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VegNews.SolarReturnSolar Return

8. Raw Cheesecakes from Solar Return

Los Angeles, CA
One look at these jaw-dropping psychedelic vegan cheesecakes and you’ll know you’re guaranteed to be transported to another dimension. And if you’re afraid these captivating raw cakes are all style and no substance, rest assured: Solar Return’s blend of cashews, coconut milk, coconut nectar, and dates yield a velvety, indulgent cheesecake as heavenly as the celestial bodies depicted on them. 
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9. Sticky Toffee Pudding from Vedge Restaurant

Philadelphia, PA
Everything at the world-renowned Vedge is superb, but the house Sticky Toffee Pudding is what keeps countless diners coming back for more. Chef Rich Landau describes it as “sweet with a touch savory, warm and cold, and both creamy and sticky, with flavor combinations ranging from cedar ice cream and hazelnut wafers, banoffee ice cream and coffee crumb, bourbon ice cream and crunchy pecans, and cardamom and pistachio tulle.” We’ll take one of each. 
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VegNews.HarlequinholidayHarle Quin Holiday

10. Thai Tea Boba Cake from Harle Quin Holiday

Chicago, IL
Ace of Wands Bakeshop is crafting some of the most inventive and mouth-watering desserts we’ve even seen, like this over-the-top cake featuring chewy tapioca pearls soaked in Thai tea caramel, coconut cream pudding, and Thai tea buttercream, and rich white chocolate drizzle. 
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VegNews.SweetRitualSweet Ritual

11. Fancy Shakes from Sweet Ritual

Austin, TX
You could have a thick, frosty milkshake every day at Austin’s adorable vegan scoop shop Sweet Ritual, and you’d be guaranteed to never get bored. Our favorites? Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Cookie Party, Midnight Shake, and Rainbow Chaser. 

VegNews.PassionFlourPatisseriePassion Flour Patisserie

12. Kouign-Amann from Passion Flour Patisserie

Salt Lake City, UT
Imagine a croissant, but stepped up with a caramelized, almost-crunchy sugar crust and a buttery interior that’s both dense and light, all folded into a muffin-like shape. That’s the French kouign-amann Utah’s premier vegan bakery and we need about a dozen.
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VegNews.PeacefulProvisionsPeaceful Provisions

13. Stuffed Doughnuts from Peaceful Provisions

Peekskill, NY
Don’t look for simple sprinkles or ordinary jelly here—Peaceful Provisions specializes in stuffing everything from pistachio halva to half-baked funfetti cookies to sweet corn pudding into their gigantic, yeast-raised doughnuts.
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VegNews.VeganTreatsVegan Treats

14. Peanut Butter Bomb Cake from Vegan Treats

Bethlehem, PA
From cakepops to sticky buns to cheesecakes-on-a-stick, everything from Vegan Treats tastes divine but none more than its iconic crown jewel of chocolate cake, mounds of fluffy peanut butter mousse, and Belgian chocolate coating.
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VegNews.FluffysNYCFluffy’s NYC

15. Vegan Pancakes from Fluffy’s NYC

New York City, NY
Towering, jiggly Japanese-style souffle pancakes have captivated foodies and ‘grammers alike since first rising to popularity in Osaka in 2016, and now Fluffy’s NYC is bringing the trend to the US. Try them smothered in blueberry compote, sprinkled with crushed Oreos, or simply crowned with a slab of plant-based butter. However you roll, be sure to get a few boomerangs of their iconic wiggle before diving in.
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16. Eggloo Rose from Eggloo

New York City, NY
Manhattan dessert shop Eggloo has cracked the code to veganizing Hong Kong’s famous puffy, snackable egg waffle, and breakfast-slash-dessert lovers are rejoicing. Hungry New Yorkers can order this fun-filled dessert with a scoop of vegan ice cream shaped into a pretty rose and a shower of decadent toppings (we like coconut flakes and mochi) to finish it off. 
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VegNews.DarkHallCoffeeDark Hall Coffee

17. Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Dark Hall Coffee

Phoenix, AZ
There’s nothing as satisfying as a classic chocolate chip cookie. Except maybe this fresh-out-the-oven, crisp-yet-chewy chocolate chunk cookie topped with melted dark chocolate and flaky sea salt.
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VegNews.CyBellesFrontRoomCyBelle’s Front Room

18. Beignets from CyBelle’s Front Room

San Francisco, CA
This San Francisco pizzeria is flipping expectations with an array of piping-hot, fluffy Louisiana-style beignets. The ones your Instagram followers won’t be able to get enough of? The Unicorn Beignets, complete with pipettes of salted caramel sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and pink crystal sugar. 
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VegNews.MakeBelieveBakeryMake, Believe Bakery

19. Babka from Make, Believe Bakery

Denver, CO
This iconic Jewish dessert features knots of sweet yeasted bread swirled and twirled with ribbons of cinnamon sugar before being baked golden-brown and lacquered in vegan butter.
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VegNews.ModernLoveModern Love

20. Season’s Cinnamon Rolls from Modern Love

Omaha, NE & Brooklyn, NY
Whether it’s summer in the City That Never Sleeps or autumn in Omaha, you can always count on a warm, fresh bun to satisfy. Our advice? Delve into the flavors of spring with the Warm Blackberry Cinnamon Roll with lemon icing and blackberry sauce. 
Find them here

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