Eight-year-old Evan LeFevre—an animal activist known as VeganEvan—toured Hawaii recently to share his thoughts on veganism, animal rights, and the environment. During his visit—which was partially funded by donations—LeFevre was a guest speaker at VegFest Oahu and also gave lectures at fives cafés across the island. His speeches focused on the health and environmental benefits of veganism and why killing animals for food is morally wrong. “It was really awesome doing so much vegan activism,” LeFevre told VegNews. “I loved everything; seeing the waterfalls and spitting caves, and all different stuff like that. Everything was awesome.” The Melbourne, FL resident, who was crowned PETA’s “Cutest Vegan Kid” in 2016, went vegan at age 5 after learning about the farmed-animal industry. Since then, he has created a YouTube channel, given lectures at vegan events in Florida and California, assumed the role of co-president and spokesperson for non-profit organization Animal Hero Kids, and volunteered with animal-rights group Anonymous for the Voiceless.

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