This summer is going to be one for the books with a slew of non-dairy options, including Oatly’s whipped cream, hitting the Starbucks menu.

Lemonade, the quintessential summer beverage, is getting a watermelon makeover thanks to WTRMLN WTR, a brand that counts “Lemonade” hitmaker Beyoncé as an investor. 

And we already have something to look forward to this fall when Ferrero launches its first plant-based Nutella in Europe.

Read on for more. 

Food news

We’re big fans of chips and dip year-round and luckily, Korean brand Armored Fresh is bringing something new to the table with the launch of its Oat Milk Cheddar Dip. This smooth and creamy dip offers the rich, cheesy flavor of traditional nacho cheese sauce, making it perfect for pretzel bites, French fries, chips, and tacos. 

Cheese DipArmored Fresh

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“Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or just supporting environmental sustainability, Armored Fresh is creating delicious replacements for everyone’s favorite foods,” Founder and CEO Rudy Yoo said in a statement. 


If you’re craving a sweet dip, Ferrero is introducing its first plant-based Nutella, set to debut in select European countries this fall. This new product maintains Nutella’s iconic hazelnut and cocoa flavor but replaces skim milk in the seven-ingredient formula with a plant-based alternative. 

“At Ferrero, we are always scouting and exploring new categories and emerging food trends,” a Ferrero spokesperson tells VegNews. “By leveraging the innovative spirit and decades of expertise of our beloved global brands, we are now preparing to launch Nutella Plant-Based (in a few European countries) starting in autumn 2024.” 

Nutella’s origins trace back to 1946 when Ferrero created a sweet paste from hazelnuts, sugar, and a bit of cocoa—which was scarce after World War II. Evolving into the Giandujot loaf and the creamy SuperCrema spread in 1951, the first jar of Nutella was produced in 1964. Nutella has since become a global favorite. 

“This further addition to the Nutella family will deliver the same unmistakable experience of replacing milk with vegetal ingredients, offering a delicious new choice able to welcome even more people into the brand,” the spokesperson says. 

Is vegan Nutella coming to the US? The Ferrero spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied its expansion to North America, so we’re keeping a spoon handy just in case.

Retail news

Los Angeles luxury supermarket Erewhon seems to debut something newsworthy every day, especially its slew of celebrity-endorsed smoothies. This month, the retailer is showcasing GT’s Living Foods Synergy Peach Paradise Raw Kombucha and non-dairy Cocoyo Peach Nectarine Living Coconut Yogurt—two brands under the GT Living portfolio—in Kendall Jenner’s new Peaches & Cream smoothie. 

ErehwonSmoothieGT’s Living Foods

“We’re deeply grateful for the continuous partnership we’ve had with Erewhon, and we’re humbled to continue inspiring people to embrace living foods through our collaborative Kendall’s Peaches & Cream smoothie,” GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods, said in a statement. 

From now until June 14, a portion of the proceeds from this $23 plant-based smoothie will be donated to Good Shepherd Shelter to support its work in helping victims of domestic violence. 


At Erewhon, we’ve also got our eye on the refrigerated section where plant-based cheese from New York company Rind is making a grand debut.

Founded in 2017 by Dina DiCenso and Joshua Katcher, Rind is crafted in North America’s first dedicated vegan cheese cave in Brooklyn, using a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients to replicate the complex flavors of traditional cheeses, complete with an edible mold rind.

Rind’s 6.5-ounce mini-wheels, including Classic Cambleu and Paprika will be available at Erewhon’s 10 locations starting at the end of this month. 

Beverage news

Beyoncé’s Lemonade was the best-selling album of 2016. That year, Beyoncé also invested in WTRMLN WTR, a New York-based beverage company that makes cold-pressed watermelon “water” from the fruit’s flesh, would-be-wasted rind, and organic lemon.

This week, WTRMLN WTR is debuting WTRMLNADE (watermelon lemonade), a beverage fit for Queen Bey that might be the best-selling hit of 2024. 

Watermelon-LemonadeCaribe Juice

Coming to Target, Stop & Shop, and eventually Whole Foods Market in Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Limeade flavors, the beverage was crafted for multiple occasions, including as a post-workout rehydration drink due to its high content of electrolytes, especially potassium, L-Citrulline, and lycopene.

“For years, consumers have been sharing with us their liquid love of WTRMLN WTR both for its remarkably delicious and real taste, but also for its superior hydration benefits,” Caroline Kibler, Chief Marketing Officer of Caribe Juice, its parent company, said in a statement. 

“Consuming WTRMLN WTR after a hard workout, as a wellness tonic during illness, or even as a morning fixer after an indulgent night,” Kibler said.

This week, Bored Cow has some good news for kids and adults alike with its launch in 2,000 Albertsons stores nationwide. This marks the first time a dairy product made via precision fermentation is available at retail in all 50 states. Bored Cow’s vegan milks in Chocolate and Original milk can be found in the shelf-stable section in lunchbox-ready 11-ounce cartons. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Albertsons to bring Bored Cow to more folks across the country,” Ben Berman, founder and CEO of parent company Tomorrow Farms, said in a statement. 

“We couldn’t be prouder to launch our Bored Cow four-packs with Albertsons and help to bring sustainable dairy to the next generation,” Berman said. 

VegNews.VeganMilkSet.BoredCowTomorrow Farms

Bored Cow’s innovative milk alternative uses animal-free whey protein from fermentation, plant fat, cane sugar, and sustainable ingredients like upcycled citrus fiber, resulting in a product that looks, feels, tastes, and acts like real dairy milk but without all the downsides. 

Starbucks is also giving dairy-free customers something new this summer with its first non-dairy whipped cream option made from Oatly’s oat milk-based vanilla-flavored heavy whipping cream. In a surprising twist, the new non-dairy whipped cream will be available as a substitute for any beverage free of charge.


While details are still under wraps, internal documents—first obtained by Instagrammer Big Box Vegan—show that in addition to the non-dairy whipped cream, Starbucks will debut the Cinnamon Crumble Oatmilk Frappuccino, its first non-dairy core frappuccino option at its US stores.

There’s also a Non-Dairy Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and an Iced Non Dairy Salted Caramel Cookie Matcha on the way. While Starbucks has yet to reveal exactly when these options are hitting the menu, employees have hinted at a June 25 release.

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