This month, gaming company Hasbro released Monopoly for Millennials—an updated, anti-capitalistic version of the classic game featuring modern themes such as veganism. Player tokens include sunglasses, a smiley face emoji, a hashtag symbol, a bicycle, and other millennial favorites, and the player with the highest student loan debt is allowed to go first. Hasbro—which markets the game with the statement, “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it, anyway.”—removed real estate properties from the gameboard and replaced them with spaces labeled with “experiences,” such as eating at a vegan bistro, visiting an animal rescue, and attending a week-long meditation retreat. Instead of collecting rent on properties, players are rewarded by acquiring the most experiences and sharing them to social media. Chance and Community Cards also feature vegan messaging, including a reward card that reads, “Your side hustle of selling vegan candles has paid off.” Monopoly for Millennials is available online through Amazon and at Walmart stores across the United States. Earlier this year, Merriam-Webster updated Scrabble—another Hasbro game—by adding vegan word “aquafaba” to the Official Scrabble Dictionary for a value of 20 points.