Pennsylvania nut butter brand Vör Foods recently debuted vegan Aquafaba Powder. The novel product is made using the brand’s proprietary process to turn liquid “aquafaba” (the brine from beans and/or legumes—in this case, chickpeas) into a shelf-stable powder that can be rehydrated and used in place of eggs to create baked goods and condiments. “Innovation and discovery are woven into the DNA of our company, and have led us to develop products such as aquafaba powder,” the company described its new product. “With a changing world, striving for more ecological and plant-based approaches is increasingly more important. Aquafaba serves as an important and cost-effective alternative to eggs in many cooking and baking applications.” In 2016, American engineer Goose Wohlt coined the term “aquafaba” after he learned about the egg white-like properties of the oft-wasted liquid from French tenor singer Joël Roessel. Since the discovery, aquafaba has been used in place of eggs for several commercial products, including Fora Foods’ vegan Faba Butter and Sir Kensington’s vegan mayonnaise Fabanaise. Aquafaba Powder is available for purchase at New York City-based vegan cheese shop Riverdel, as well as online through Vör Foods.

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