Furniture store IKEA polled its Facebook followers to determine which hot dog they prefer to eat after a long shopping trip. “The agony of choice. What do you reward after a successful purchase?” IKEA captioned its poll, which gave fans two options: its traditional meat-based hot dog and its new vegan alternative. After collecting more than 42,000 votes, 57 percent of fans chose the veggie hot dog, with 43 percent opting for the opposing dish. IKEA first tested the prototype of its vegan hot dog—made from kale, red lentils, quinoa, onion, carrots, and spices such as ginger and turmeric—in its Malmö, Sweden location in February. Shortly thereafter, IKEA expanded the option to its European stores where it sold 1 million units in one month. In September, the international chain added the vegan hot dog (with a warning that bun formulations vary by location) to all of its bistro menus at stores across the United States. IKEA is also planning to launch vegan soft-serve in the US next summer.

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