Vegan Ice Cream Debuts at Asia’s Largest Childcare Center

20,000 children in China will now have a chance to indulge in coconut milk-based ice cream provided by WāHiki Creamery.

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China-based Cathay Future—Asia’s largest childcare center—will now serve ice cream made by New Zealand vegan brand WāHiki Creamery to its 20,000 children. Founder Haman Shahpari recently attended an ice-cream convention where the center’s representatives chose to partner with the vegan brand over hundreds of other exhibitors due to the coconut milk-based ice cream’s healthier nutrition profile. “We were very stoked to see the reception of the Chinese and the parents of anyone that we talked to … and their understanding of how nutrition is important,” founder Haman Shahpari said. Founded in 2016, WāHiki Creamery sold 23,000 tubs of its ice cream last year, and Shapari predicts the brand will increase its sales tenfold next year.

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