The number of vegan options on restaurant menus in the United Kingdom increased by 237 percent during spring and summer 2018, compared to the year before, according to a recent report compiled by market research consultants MCA. The company used its “Menu Tracker” tool, which monitors the UK’s leading restaurant chains, to find that clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan dishes on menus are soaring. Results show that consumers are becoming more conscious about their health and the environment, and therefore choosing to eat less meat and abstain from traditionally heavier meals. “There’s been such a big drive towards this vegan, flexitarian vibe,” Ian Nottage, chef director at produce wholesale distributor Reynolds, told online publication Produce Business UK. “Sure, it’s still a small part of the market, but it’s easily the most vocal part, so a lot of the restaurant operators know they must get on board as they can’t get away with just offering a veggie risotto anymore; it must be more creative than that.” A recent report by Market Research Hub found that this evolution of consumer tastes and shift toward plant-based diets is being driven mostly by millennials. To meet growing demand, UK restaurants are increasingly developing exclusive vegan menu options, including pub chain Hungry Horse’s Vegan Fish and Chips and Marston’s new B12 Burger.

Photo courtesy of Moving Mountains Foods