This week, Chicago-based brand Hope & Sesame debuted a line of sesame seed-based vegan milk on new website—with a launch on Amazon planned for January 2019.  The brand spent two years developing Sesamein, the key ingredient featured in its organic line that includes five flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Original, Unsweetened Original, and Chocolate Hazelnut. “We continue to see tremendous growth in non-dairy plant-based foods due to consumers’ dietary restrictions, changing taste preferences, and desire for more nutritional choices,” Julia Stamberger, CEO of Hope & Sesame parent company Spinning Wheel Brands, said. “Hope & Sesame are category-changing non-dairy milks that are convenient, great-tasting, and better for you options that the entire family can enjoy.” The brand chose sesame seeds as a base for its milk line due to the ingredients’ ability to grow in water- and heat-stressed environments faster than other non-dairy milk bases, such as almonds and other tree nuts. This year, entrepreneurs have successfully created non-dairy products from unexpected sources such as persimmon pulp and poppy seeds.

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