Domino’s Adds Cheesy Vegan Pizza to Its 109 New Zealand Locations

Consumer demand lands vegan cheese on the menu at all New Zealand locations of Domino’s. 


International pizza chain Domino’s will add vegan cheese next week to the menu of its 109 New Zealand locations. Domino’s New Zealand took to social media in March to ask its followers if they would like a vegan cheese option, an approach that Domino’s Australia took before permanently adding vegan cheese by United States-based brand Follow Your Heart to all of its locations earlier this year. “The vegan cheese is a trial,” a Domino’s New Zealand representative said. “If the customers like it, we will add it to the permanent menu. The cheeses have arrived in bulk in stores across the country ready for the trial starting next week. When that is finished, we will evaluate the demand and see if the vegan cheese continues on our menu.” This month, Domino’s Australia—which is operated by the same regional CEO, Nick Knight, as Domino’s New Zealand—added cheesy vegan garlic bread to its menu nationwide.