Australian vegan documentary Dominion will be available for online streaming starting at noon (Melbourne time) on July 14. Created by Australian-based animal-rights organization Aussie Farms and directed by Chris Delforce, the feature-length documentary is a sequel 2014 film Lucent, which depicted the horrors of pig farming in Australia. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, the documentary is regarded as Australia’s version of acclaimed documentary EarthlingsDominion made its Australian debut to a sold-out audience in March, followed by its United States debut last at the National Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles. Those interested in viewing the film will be able to rent it for $0.99, download it for $4.95, or pre-order it on DVD/BLU-RAY. The production company is also encouraging its social media fans to fill out a form to request that Dominion be streamed on Netflix.

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