Food-technology startup JUST announced last week its partnership with leading European egg company Eurovo Group. The two companies entered into an agreement in principle for Italy-based Eurovo to distribute and market JUST’s vegan egg replacer Just Egg alongside its egg-based products throughout its European distribution network. “Partnering with JUST will allow Eurovo to include a non-animal product in our portfolio,” Eurovo President Siro Lionello said. “Balancing modernity and tradition while embracing changing consumer preferences and reducing our environmental footprint is a cornerstone of our business, and this relationship ensures that this approach will continue.” JUST debuted mung-bean based Just Egg at San Francisco restaurant Flore last year and recently expanded its availability to the menu of several eateries, including vegan chain Veggie Grill. “There is a huge opportunity for global egg companies to support forward-thinking innovators and set a new industry standard together,” Morten Ernst, an egg-industry veteran working with JUST to find collaboration opportunities, said. JUST CEO Josh Tetrick aims to continue creating products that drastically shift the global food system to be more sustainable and just, including the company’s flagship clean-meat product (made in a laboratory setting from a small amount of animal cells), which Tetrick confirmed will debut by the end of the year.