Scotland’s National Soccer Stadium to Add Vegan Menu

Hampden Park will introduce “football” fans to a permanent menu of plant-based fare after hosting the Scotland Vegan Festival on July 14.

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Glasgow-based Hampden Park—Scotland’s National soccer stadium—will soon introduce a vegan food menu. The stadium partnered with organization Vegan Events UK to host a Scotland Vegan Festival on July 14. Craig Younger, the general manager of the stadium’s food service company Sodexo Sports & Leisure, hopes the upcoming festival will help inspire the vegan menu he plans to permanently offer at the stadium. “With plans to launch our own vegan menu later this year,” Younger said, “I’m sure the day will also provide some great inspiration.” The festival will feature 100 vendors selling vegan fare, cooking demonstrations, and activities for children. “We want to show non-vegans how incredibly amazing living a vegan lifestyle is and show that it is not only healthy, varied, and exciting but that it is also practical, easy, and affordable as well,” Vegan Events UK manager Victoria Bryceson said.