International retailer Costco added vegan Meat Free Traditional Burgers to the frozen section of all of its 10 locations in Australia. The new burgers—which come in a pack of 15 and retail for AU$14.59 (USD$10.67)—were specially formulated for Costco by The Fry Family Food Company (FFFC), which has been producing plant-based meat alternatives for 27 years. “Our aim as a company is to make plant-based food accessible to the masses,” Tammy Fry, International Marketing Director for FFFC, said. “We have to make it easy for people to choose vegan alternatives and this includes making sure they’re affordable. We’re thrilled to offer Costco customers the opportunity to feed the whole family with a healthy, more sustainable and cruelty-free burger at less than $1 per patty.”  The burgers are the first plant-based meat alternative offered in the chilled or frozen section at Costco in Australia. “Gone are the days where vegan diets were associated with a boring lentil curry or pasta with napoli sauce. Veganism is the hottest food trend, especially in Australia,” a spokesperson for Costco Australia said. “The growth in vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets in Australia comes from increased awareness of food ethics, sustainability, and health, as well as Australia’s cultural diversity. Costco tries to always bring new products to market for our members that are on-trend in health foods and organic options.” Stateside, Costco added vegan Organic Plant-Based Burger made by Don Lee Farms to its freezer section in February and sold 1 million units of the vegan product within 60 days.