The NFL’s Denver Broncos added vegan Just Egg this week to its pre-season menu. Justin Domsch, the team’s executive chef, will use the mung bean-based vegan egg replacer in a number of dishes during pre-season training. “The fact that the Denver Broncos have added JUST Egg to their training tables proves this is not a vegan thing, but a great-tasting, better-for-you-thing that everyone can enjoy,” Marcus Adair, JUST Vice President of Global Foodservice and former NFL player, said. “As a former professional football player and lifelong fitness enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to make sure my body was working at its peak performance. Elite athletes like the Broncos no longer have to settle for healthier options that taste bad.” The vegan egg replacer, which food technology startup JUST debuted at San Francisco-based restaurant Flore early this year, is quickly expanding to menus nationwide and is now available at Veggie Grill locations as an all-day burrito and, as of this week, at Nick’s Kitchen—a Bay Area Filipino restaurant that transitioned its menu to be animal-product free in 2017.

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