Vegan actress Ruby Rose has been selected to play DC Comics character “Batwoman”—the first openly gay female superhero. “The bat is out of the bag, and I am beyond thrilled and honored. I’m also an emotional wreck because this is a childhood dream,” Rose posted to Instagram. “This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on TV, and felt alone and different.” While Rose will play Batwoman as a recurring character across four DC superhero series on The CW, writer/executive producer Caroline Dries is creating a separate series dedicated to the groundbreaking superhero—which is scheduled to debut during the 2019-2020 pilot season. Rose recently explained that she began transitioning to an animal-free diet after learning about the atrocities of the shark fin industry and, coincidentally, appears in upcoming shark-themed action thriller The Meg.

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