English vegan soccer team Forest Green Rovers (FGR) launched a line of vegan meal products for children that will be available through school caterers and universities in the United Kingdom this fall. The Little Green Devils linewhich was developed in-house at FGR’s vegan football stadiumincludes allergen-free products such as Moroccan Style Balls and a Chili Cheese Burger. The line aims to support the growing movement to introduce meat- and dairy-free days in schools. “FGR has been a vegan football club for a couple of years now and we’ve done that for three reasons: it’s better for the animals, it’s better for the environment, and it’s better for people’s health and nutrition,” FGR public relations manager Max Boon told VegNews. “It’s a great way to get tasty, healthy food into the hands of youngsters up and down the country.” Boon said there has been significant interest in the products from caterers and wholesalers, who between them serve meals at more than 8,000 schools across the UK. This week, FGR was granted “carbon-neutral” certification by the United Nations for the team’s eco-friendly initiativessuch as the removal of animal products from the team’s stadium menu, the installation of solar panels, and a chemical-free lawn.