Meatless brand MorningStar Farms (owned by food corporation Kellogg Company) recently reformulated its “Chik’N” line without animal products. The new, all-vegan line is now available at retailers nationwide and features Buffalo Wings, Chik’N Nuggets, Buffalo Chik Patties, and Original Chik Patties. “We know there is a great demand for more variety when it comes to vegan options, so we are excited to announce that our great-tasting Chik’N products are now vegan,” Kellogg’s senior director of brand marketing Melissa Cash said. “With more people embracing a plant-based diet and lifestyle, MorningStar Farms is committed to making food for all to enjoy.” Additionally, MorningStar Farms added a new product, Vegan BBQ Chik’N Nuggets, to the vegan line. Similarly, 80-year-old vegetarian food brand Heritage Health Food is reformulating its products—under the supervision of scientist James Chen, who previously led innovation at MorningStar—with the goal of being an all vegan brand by 2019.

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