Vegan Jerky Outsells Meat Snacks on Amazon

NOBLE Jerky—made by a company that produced salami for 50 years—takes top three spots as best-sellers on Amazon in Canada. 


Canada-based brand NOBLE Jerky’s vegan Teriyaki flavor is currently the best selling item in the “Jerky and Meat Snacks” category on Amazon in Canada—with its Sweet BBQ and Chipotle flavors not far behind in second and third place, respectively. “Plant protein is becoming a real alternative for all consumers and their buying choices and habits are starting to reflect this,” the company said in a statement. Earlier this year, Canadian meat brand Urbani Foods—which has been making salami for 50 years—began producing the tempeh-based jerky using its expertise in meat-making after CEO Claudio Urbani realized that feeding a growing world population with animal products was not sustainable. Vegan meat has gained popularity on Amazon, including the Don Lee Farms’ vegan Organic Plant-Based Burger which the marketplace hand-selected to feature on its roving Treasure Truck last week.  

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