Vegan egg replacer JUST Egg, made by food technology startup JUST, has begun to roll out in retail stores this week nationwide. This fall, the mung-bean based egg replacer will be stocked alongside competing animal-based products in the chilled section of select supermarkets Wegman’s, Gelson’s, Hy-Vee, and Fresh Thyme, with more retailers to be added in by early 2019. JUST Egg first debuted on the menu at San Francisco eatery Flore in 2016, before expanding to select restaurant menus nationwide, including vegan chain Veggie Grill—where it is served as part of an all-day breakfast burrito. “This company was founded with the belief that we could explore the vast plant kingdom and leverage modern technology and culinary expertise to find ingredients to make the foods we enjoy every day better for us and better for the planet,” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick said. “Launching JUST Egg is a major milestone, and we’re excited for it to become a favorite part of families’ meals far into the future.” JUST Egg has also been accepted into accelerator program Amazon Launchpad, which assists in the launch of new products on its online platforms.