This week, Hungry Jack’s—an Australian franchise brand of the Burger King Corporation—added a new vegan breakfast sandwich to the menu of more than 400 locations. “Make your morning with our new Vegan Muffins—a veggie patty with the classic vegan mayo and vegan cheese combo, or topped with avocado and vegan lemon garlic dressing,” Hungry Jack’s captioned a photo of its new option on Facebook. The company received suggestions from commenters who were interested in seeing vegan bacon and plant-based eggs added to the sandwich, to which Hungry Jack’s positively responded with links to its consumer feedback department. After a successful trial run, Hungry Jack’s added its first The Vegan Burger (its first all-vegan as-is burger) to more than 400 of its locations across Australia in June 2018. The chain then expanded its vegan offerings in October 2018 with the addition of The Vegan Cheeseburger, which is offered for the same price as its animal-based Whopper Cheese. The Vegan Muffin is available at Hungry Jack’s every day until 11 am.