Breyers to Launch Vegan Ice Cream Line in UK

After launching two vegan flavors in the United States, the brand will soon debut a new line of low-calorie vegan ice cream under its Breyers Delight label.


Breyers will debut a vegan ice cream line under its Breyers Delight brand in the United Kingdom. “Will there ever be a high protein vegan ice cream?” one ice-cream lover asked on an Instagram post by Breyers Delight UK to which the company responded, “Very soon. Keep an eye on our pages.” Another commenter received a similar response from the company when asking for vegan options. Breyers Delight—a lower-calorie, lower-sugar version of the Breyers ice cream brand—has yet to disclose further details of the launch. In 2017, Unilever-owned Breyers debuted two almond milk-based vegan flavors (Oreo Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Peanut Butter) in the United States. Unilever has updated several of its brands with vegan options, most notably Ben & Jerry’s which currently offers nine almond milk-based flavors in the US.