British Columbia’s largest butcher shop Meridian Farm Market now offers Beyond Meat’s vegan Beyond Burger at all of its locations. The new offering comes after last week’s release of Canada’s new 2019 Food Guide, which recommends that Canadians eat less dairy and meat in favor of more vegetables and plant-based proteins such as beans and tofu. Meridian CEO and President Josh Penner said he is excited about the higher quality plant-based meats entering the marketplace and believes they open the door for more meat eaters to consider those options. “It makes it open and available to a new audience that maybe wasn’t as interested in vegan or vegetarian options before,” Penner told media outlet Daily Hive. Meridian has sold other vegan meat products in the past because of the shift in consumer trends. “We’re just about selling great food and it’s not just that we sell products that are appealing to taste,” Penner said, “but also appealing to people’s values and we have customers telling us the things that they want and we’re always listening.” Earlier this year, Beyond Meat unveiled the “Beyond Burger 2.0,” a new and improved version of its signature product, which is currently available at all A&W locations across Canada and at more than 1,000 Carl’s Jr. restaurants in the United States.

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