Contestants on Jeopardy! were presented with a “Going Vegan” category on Tuesday’s episode of the long-running game show. Host Alex Trebek unveiled vegan-themed clues in the category, all five of which were answered by the contestants. The clues—or answers posed as questions—covered topics such as vitamin B12, spider-derived silk, palm oil, and vegan egg replacers used in baking recipes. “Vegans can finally have a proper pint; This Irish brewer completely phased out fish-derived filters in 2017,” one clue, the answer to which was Guinness, read. Last year, Jeopardy! featured a similar “This Vegan Life” category, albeit with poorly written clues, including one that read: “Some vegan chefs make this sandwich spread by forgoing the egg and using cashews instead”—the correct response to which was, strangely, “mayonnaise.”