Vegetarian brand Quorn will launch vegan Breaded Fishless Filets at retailers across the United Kingdom in March. The new product—which Quorn spent five years developing—is made from the company’s signature fungi-based mycoprotein and is available in two flavors: Salt & Vinegar and Lemon & Pepper. “For the first time ever, more than half of all UK consumers are reducing their meat consumption and 57 percent of people believe that reducing meat benefits the environment,” Quorn marketing director Alex Glen said. “There’s never been a better opportunity for convenience retailers to embrace meat-free products and promote their benefits.” Twelve percent of Quorn’s portfolio is comprised of vegan products and Glen states that number is growing. Consumers looking to enjoy cruelty-free fish now have many options, including fish-free fillets by British brand VBites served as part of a vegan Fish and Chips dish at 280 locations of UK pub Hungry Horse.

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