Coffee shop chain Stumptown Coffee Roasters recently became more vegan-friendly by eliminating the surcharge on all of its dairy-free milk options and implementing a policy to offer at least one vegan food option at nearly all of its locations (with the exception of one shop in Chicago). In addition to the no-cost almond and soy milk, each shop carries locally-made sweet and savory vegan options that vary based on location. Food options include a Rainbow Rice Bowl at select New York City locations, a PB&J cookie and Marion Berry Hand Pie at select Portland locations, a lemon poppy-seed muffin at select Seattle locations, and a chai blondie at its New Orleans location. In Los Angeles, Stumptown’s Arts District location also offers seasonal to-go meals such as vegan roasted carrots and broccolini, a Forbidden Grain Bowl, strawberry chia pudding, and granola. Other coffee shop chains across the United States, such as Starbucks, have yet to adopt a similar vegan-food policy and still add a surcharge to drink orders that include non-dairy milk.

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