A petition to add a vegan hot dog to the food court menu at big-box retailer Costco has amassed more than 2,000 signatures. The petition was recently launched by Scott Hildebrand, who lives near Costco’s headquarters in Washington. Last year, Costco discontinued its Polish meat-based hot dogs from its food court menu, reportedly to make room for vegan options—a menu update that has yet to materialize. “The shift towards plant-based diets will only grow as more people realize the toll animal agriculture takes on our planet. We need to work with companies to make plant-based options more accessible,” Hildebrand said. “Our family, like countless others, are regulars at Costco. I’d love to see them extend plant-based options to the food court, so we can enjoy veggie hot dogs after a Sunday shopping trip.” Hildebrand points out that sausages from Washington-based Field Roast Grain Co.—which Costco already sells in stores—would be an easy fit for the food court menu which currently features two vegan options, açai bowl and Al Pastor Salad, at select locations.

Photo Credit: Field Roast Grain Co.

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