Australian fast-food chain Hungry Jack’s—a franchise brand of the Burger King Corporation—will soon launch a new meatless burger patty made by plant-based meat startup v2food. Created in partnership with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, Main Sequence Ventures, and Hungry Jack’s founder Jack Cowin, v2food launched this week with an aim to provide an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to meat. Built with CSIRO’s existing technology and science CSIRO, the startup’s development of its burger patty focused on making sure it had the mouthfeel and texture and can be cooked the same as animal-based meat. “We had a taste test recently in which I thought I had been tricked,” Cowin said. “I thought it was beef but it wasn’t; it was the v2Food product. I’ve eaten a lot of beef hamburger patties in my day, and I couldn’t tell the difference.” Earlier this year, Cowin invested $1 million into the development of the burger patty, which is expected to launch in Hungry Jack’s locations before the end of 2019 before rolling out to the retail market at a price point similar to beef. In recent years, the fast-food chain has released a number of vegan options in an effort to meet the demand for vegan and environmentally sustainable products, including a breakfast sandwich featuring a vegan patty with vegan mayonnaise and cheese and several vegan burgers.