Hungry Jack’s—an Australian franchise of fast-food chain Burger King—recently launched a 15-second commercial to promote its new vegan cheeseburger. The television advertisement features two diners, each in awe as they sample the vegan burger, while a narrator describes the burger as “all vegan, all delicious.” After a successful trial run at select locations, Hungry Jack’s added the new item (its first all-vegan burger) to the permanent menu of more than 400 locations across Australia. Josh Burg, managing director of marketing firm Hedgehog Agency, believes Hungry Jack’s commercial is the first vegan advert to air on television in Australia. “It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company as big as Hungry Jack’s advertising their new vegan product on one of the most expensive advertising channels in Australia,” Berg said, predicting that other fast-food chains would follow Hungry Jack’s lead.