Model Chrissy Teigan is curious about trying a vegan Tofurky roast for the holidays, and Twitter is there to support her endeavor.

“Has anyone had the Tofurky roast feast? Like really served it? The one with “gravy,” “turkey,” and “stuffing” … I would like to try it,” Teigen tweeted alongside a photo of the Tofurky roast, which she implied was ugly. “I’m scared but curious. Mostly scared. A lot scared.” A number of people and companies chimed in to help Teigen with her request, including Tofurky, which tweeted, “If you think that photo is bad, you’re really gonna love our ugly holiday sweaters.” Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone responded by inviting Teigan on a plant-based date, tweeting, “I have to try it again. It’s been a while, but I think Gardein’s lightly breaded turk’y cutlets are the yummiest! So happy you’re dabbling with plant-based foods. If you haven’t been to Crossroads (Kitchen) or Nic’s on Beverly, let’s go on a date there soon.” After many positive responses, Teigen followed her initial tweet with an update, stating, “Please if anyone from Tofurky sees this post, do not send it to my home, I beg you. I will buy and eat it when I am ready.”

Tofurky continued the conversation by creating a tabloid-style meme with the phrases “Chrissy Teigen Drops Bomb: ‘I am Tofurky-Curious’” and “Shocking Tell All: ‘I will try it on my own time’” atop a photo of its popular holiday roast