Four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal recently visited Atlanta restaurant Slutty Vegan to sample its popular burgers. The retired NBA player ordered two “Hussy Fussy” burgers and began eating them with fervor, an incident documented on a video Slutty Vegan recently shared on social media.

“It’s good,” O’Neal said between bites. “It ain’t meat? What is it?” O’Neal asks to which the camera operator responds, “It’s love.” O’Neal then continues to devour the remainder of his burger made with Impossible Foods’ plant-based patties—a competing brand to Beyond Meat, which counts O’Neal as an investor—followed by a second burger shortly thereafter. Entrepreneur Pinky Cole opened Slutty Vegan as a food truck in 2018 and has since expanded the venture to include a brick-and-mortar restaurant (with more locations in the works) and nationwide pop-ups—all of which consistently attract crowds of customers and hungry celebrities looking to get “sluttified.”