Popular restaurant Slutty Vegan will open its third location early next year in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, GA—an area known for being the location of social-justice legend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s childhood home. Founder Pinky Cole initially launched Slutty Vegan as a food truck in August 2018 and quickly attracted a large following, with customers waiting up to five hours in line to be “sluttified” by sampling Cole’s innovative Impossible Burger-based, Caribbean-inspired creations such as the Fussy Hussy, Dancehall Queen, and One Night Stand. In January, Cole opened the first brick-and-mortar location of Slutty Vegan and shortly thereafter purchased two more properties in Jonesboro and Old Fourth Ward to open the second and third outposts of the vegan restaurant. In addition to opening new restaurants herself, Cole has made Slutty Vegan available for franchising, plans to sell Slutty Strips (the restaurant’s vegan bacon) in stores, and recently signed a development deal for a reality show.