Starbucks recently debuted a ready-to-drink line of vegan Frappuccinos at retailers nationwide, including Target and convenience chain Jewel-Osco. The new line—a dairy-free version of its popular bottled coffee beverages—is made with almond milk and available in two flavors: Mocha and Vanilla. In 2017, Starbucks teased the release of the new line (then projected to debut in May 2018) and a representative of the company told VegNews that even though the Frappuccinos did not contain animal products, it would not tout it as “vegan” due to it being processed on shared equipment. Though, according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Starbucks spoke with the animal-rights group prior to the launch of the line. “Following talks with PETA, Starbucks now sells #vegan bottled Frappuccinos,” PETA stated on Twitter. “The world is going vegan, y’all.”

Photo credit: PETA