Vegan brand Califia Farms will debut an oat-based Übermilk line at Whole Foods Markets nationwide this spring. The new line will be available in three flavors (Unsweetened, Unsweetened Vanilla, and Chocolate) and is fortified with pea protein, sunflower and flaxseed oils, and other vitamins and minerals that create plant-based milk that is nutritionally on-par with dairy. In recent years, the dairy industry has challenged the ability for plant-based companies to use “milk” terminology, citing that such labeling leads to consumer confusion, particularly in the area of nutrition. Califia’s new line—which features less sugar, nearly the same amount of protein, and more calcium and vitamin D than dairy—aims to close the plant-based and dairy nutrition gap in order to effectively nullify all arguments in favor of animal-derived milk. “I think the [plant-based] category is very strong and I also think that we are trying to be prepared for a possible tipping point,” Califia CEO Greg Steltenpohl told Food Navigator. “I don’t know when, but we just feel like there is a critical mass of factors under the surface, whether its animal rights, the environment, or just the diversity of great quality products out there now in plant-based could just add up to a tipping point where the decline in dairy may suddenly accelerate, and you have to think ahead.”